Personal Item List

This is a list of suggested items that will help make your day on the water a more enjoyable experience.  Please keep in mind that we are fishing out of skiff and that storage is very limited.  All of these items should be in a dry bag that is no bigger than a lg. fanny pack.  Please, no large gear bags.

Sunscreen - Here in the Keys we are exposed to a lot of sun.  Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and use it liberally.  Getting burned can keep you from fishing.

Sunglasses - Polarized glasses are a must and will help you see fish and cut the glare.  The best lens colors are brown and copper.  Stay away from gray and yellow tints.

Hats - Hats are also a must and ball cap styles seem to be the best as they don't blow off when it's windy.  A dark underside brim will also help to cut the glare.  If you are very sensitive to the sun, a wide brim hat will provide the best coverage. 

Shoes - ONLY non-marking shoes or sandals are allowed in the boat (no black soles).  You can tell if your shoes will mark the boat by scraping them on light colored floors.  If they leave a mark on your floor, they will also mark the boat!

- If the weather is good (warm) you will want to wear long pants that are light weight and quick drying.  A long sleeve shirt will keep you cool and help protect you from the sun.  I like the Columbia zip off pants and long sleeve cotton shirts (cotton cleans sunglasses if they are glass).  If it is cool, I suggest wearing jeans, a long sleeve shirt and bring a fleece.  Always bring a rain jacket, it will keep you warm and protect you from spray when we are running. 

Camera - Feel free to bring a camera, there will be great photo opportunities while fishing.

- I will provide a cooler full of ice and drinking water.  All you need to bring is your own lunch.  Please don't bring a cooler as there is no room for it in the boat.

Rods & Reels - I will have all the gear we will need for the day.  If you decide or want to bring your own, please discuss this with me before we meet.  A 9wt. for bonefish and redfish, a 10wt. for permit, and a 12wt. for tarpon.  Please have your rods strung up and ready to go before you get to the dock.  If we are tarpon fishing, please make sure that there is a bimini in the backing.  I will build the leader once we are on the water.  Please do not bring the rod tubes in the boat as there is not enough room. 


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